Sandy Morris, 77, of Wimberley

December 21, 2023
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Sandra Jo McDowell Morris, known affectionately to friends and family as Sandy, passed away peacefully of natural causes on December 12, 2023, at her home in Wimberley, Texas. Born on November 14, 1946, in Pampa, Texas, Sandy's zest for life and her warm, adventurous spirit touched many throughout her 77 years.

Sandy was the beloved wife of the late Vernon Morris, with whom she shared a life full of love, gardening, and fishing. Together, they cultivated not just the soil of their expansive gardens but also the hearts of everyone they met. She is survived by her devoted daughter, Loree Hart, and son-in-law Quentin Hart, along with her cherished grandchildren, Tom and MaCaully Hart. Her legacy also lives on through her son, Monte Morris, his wife, Jodie Deal, and the many friends who became family over the years.

After completing her education in Mclean, Texas, Sandy embarked on a career as a hairstylist at the young age of 20. Her passion and entrepreneurial spirit led her to own and operate Sandy's Beauty Salon for 38 years, where she not only styled hair but also cultivated a community of clients who became lifelong friends. Her salon was more than a place for beauty; it was a hub of friendship and support.

Sandy's interests were as vibrant as her personality. She was the life of every gathering, always ensuring that fun was had by all. Her love for Christmas was unmatched, and she was known for her year-round Christmas room, where her extensive Santa Claus collection and festive china were displayed with pride. Her home was a reflection of her love for decorating, with each space carefully curated to bring joy to those who entered.

Sandy and Vernon's shared love for gardening blossomed in Spearman, Texas, where they raised their family. They expanded their home by removing the neighboring house to create a large, fenced garden that became a symbol of their dedication to nurturing both plants and relationships. In retirement, they continued this tradition in New Mexico, creating a "compound" where their garden was as bountiful as their hospitality.

Fishing for Walleye and Bass across the country, Sandy and Vernon eventually settled in New Mexico, first on Conchas Lake, then Ute Lake in Logan. There, they were affectionately known as "Momma and Papa" to a close-knit community that cherished them deeply. Their home became a haven for friends, where Sandy's cooking and specially made birthday cakes were legendary. Her generosity extended to all, with the assurance that no one would leave her home hungry or without a cold beer to enjoy.

In the words of Helen Keller, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." Sandy lived by this ethos, embracing each day with optimism and a spirit of adventure. Her friendly demeanor and open heart made her a beacon of light in her community.

Sandy's life was a testament to the power of joy, generosity, and the deep bonds of family and friendship. Her radiant smile and the love she freely gave will be profoundly missed, but her influence will continue to flourish in the lives of those she touched.

As we say goodbye to Sandy Morris, we celebrate a life lived to the fullest, a journey marked by laughter, love, and the creation of an enduring legacy of warmth and community. Her memory will be cherished and kept alive in the stories and hearts of her family and the many people who were fortunate to know her.