Morse 4th graders Create a Hispanic Heritage project

by Eric Lopez, Morse ISD Journalism Student

Eric from the journalism class interviewed three of the fourth grade students about a recent project they completed in class. Their teacher is Mrs. Gabby Ruiz, and she explained, “We studied Hispanic Heritage Month in our 4th Grade Social Studies Class. Each student was assigned a person whom they researched and then presented to the class. Hispanic Heritage Month happens from September15-October 15th.” The first question asked to the students was, “Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month?” Emerie Varnon responded, “Where people celebrate the hispanic countries” Melannie Marquez said, “It's about Mexico and about our people.” Billy Franzen replied, “We're not only celebrating what people have done. It is about the towns and cities.” Danna Tarango said, “It is celebrating Latin americans.” The next question was, “Tell us about the person you studied and why they are important.” Emerie answered, “Ellen Ochoa the scientist and inventor and astronaut. She brought a flute to space.” Melannie said, ”Sonia Sotomayor: Her family was from Puerto Rico and she's from New York and she was a judge.” Billy replied: “Oscar De la Hoya. He was a boxer born in Mexico. He was famous for winning jr fights when he was 15.” Danna stated: “Laurie Hernandez. She was a gymnast but at five years old she was in a ballet class. They switched her to gymnastics, and she also went to New York University.” The next question was, “What did you enjoy most about this project?” Emerie: “I really liked searching facts and learning who my person was and why she was important.” Melannie: “Watching a video about her and the facts about her.” Billy: “The struggle putting it together and the video we watched about him.” Danna:”Building it and learning lots of facts about her.” Great Job to Mrs. Ruiz and her students!