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by Pringle More CISD News

By: Victoria Alvidrez

Pringle-Morse students, Emerie Varnon and Tanner TeBeest accomplished the highest score in AR points for the first six weeks. Emerie earned 66 points and Tanner earned 28. Both of them read Harry Potter books and Tanner read some of Jake Maddox to accumulate these points. They were asked “How did you feel when you found out that you had the highest points?” Tanner said he was really happy and grateful and Emerie said she was proud of herself. Emerie also said that her goal for the next six weeks is to get forty more points and Tanner said he wants to pass the fifty points mark. Tanner wanted the other kids to know that just because you didn't win this time doesn't mean that you can't win next time! Their teacher, Mrs. Suzanne Frazier is also really proud of her students and she stated, “Your dedication to reading is not only impressive but also inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work and remember that the knowledge and adventures you gain from books will stay with you forever. You are on a remarkable journey and your love for reading is taking you to amazing places.” These kids were rewarded for their hard work. Special prizes were donated by Mrs. Paige Speck and Emerie received a special lunch from Dairy Queen courtesy of Mrs. Frazier.