Ferguson to Retire from Spearman ISD after 30 years of Service

by Kristi Ramon, Spearman ISD

Brenda Ferguson retired after thirty years in the education profession. She started her career at Spearman ISD in 1989 where she was the payroll clerk. She took a leave of absence to be able to stay home with their youngest child. She returned to SISD as a substitute teacher. In 2000, Ferguson was rehired as the payroll clerk. She later moved to the Finance Clerk, and in 2014, she was promoted to Finance Director. Her current responsibilities include accounts payroll, federal financial compliance, compliance reporting, and all other financial-related duties.

Her mother worked as a grade school secretary and was Ferguson’s inspiration to be in the business for thirty years. After retirement, she will start a new profession in banking at First State Bank. She also looks forward to spending time with family and following their son in his many activities. Ferguson is married to Tony, and they have four children.
Thank you for your dedication to SISD. You will be greatly missed.